Slothwerks is an independent game studio started by Eric Farraro, focused on accessible single-player deck building card games



Slothwerks was created in 2013 by Eric Farraro in order to submit an entry to the 'Trials of Oryx' competition. That entry, Adventure Company – a simple roguelite game where the player delved into a dungeon laid out in a grid, uncovering tiles to recruit allies and defeat enemies – would go onto win 1st prize. Slothwerks then released an expanded version commercially, entitled Tales of the Adventure Company.

2017: Meteorfall: Journeys

Tales of the Adventure Company was a modest success, but Eric took a break until 2017, when Slothwerks released Meteorfall: Journeys. Meteorfall was a more ambitious project, and Eric reached out to Evgeny Viitman and Craig Barnes to bring the world of Meteorfall to life. Inspired mechanically by Reigns and it's simple 'swipe' gameplay mechanic, along with other accessible solo card adventures like Card Crawl and Dream Quest, Meteorfall quickly captured the imagination of the indie gaming community. Meteorfall: Journeys would go on to become a Google Play Editor’s Choice, holds a 95 score and the title of ‘#1 Best iOS Game of 2018’ on Metacritic, and a 4.5 star rating (across 328 reviews) on the iTunes store.

Recent: Krumit's Tale

Expanding on the success of Meteorfall and the lore of the Meteorfall world, Slothwerks recently reassembled the team with the addition of narrative designer/writer Danny Wadeson,to build Krumit's Tale, the second game in the Meteorfall universe. Though not strictly a direct sequel, Krumit’s Tale expands on the lore and characters to tell new stories and pose new challenges. The game is based on similar mechanics – deck building, a roguelite gameplay loop, and resource management – that both new and returning Meteorfall: Journeys players will be familiar with, whilst broadening the tactical depth and replay value on offer.



Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale trailerYouTube

Meteorfall: Journeys trailerYouTube

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Selected Articles

  • For just a few bucks[...] it’s a clever enough tweak to your expectations that it will almost certainly make you smile a few times between cursing out your deaths.
    Nick Tylwalk, Touch Arcade
  • Meteorfall is good. Dare I say, super-duper good. So good, in fact, that I’m sticking it in the running for Game of the Year and it’s not even the end of January yet
    David Neumann, Stately Play
  • Meteorfall is a supremely welcome addition to the mobile card genre. It's brilliantly well put together, super smart, and is deep enough that you can easily lose hours to it.
    Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer
  • Meteorfall is a card game, pure and simple, but still a darn good one that is well worth checking out.
    Matt Skidmore, Pocket Tactics
  • A perfect example of how to take a simple puzzle game to the next level, Tales of the Adventure Company is an awesome game that everyone needs to check out
    Eric Ford, Touch Arcade
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